You, Who Have Been A Pawn In Discrimination,Your Next!

Once again I read more about global Ageism, and Australia is dealing with the same brutal issues that we are dealing with here in the U.S.

Ageism as I’ve said many time, isn’t just senior citizens, it’s now rampant across 40 year old people. At this point it’s becoming normalized – but also a crisis. As I’ve written in my book; Ageism is the true Juggernaut of all discrimination because its targets everyone, so there is not the same backlash as Sex or Ethnicity and other forms of discrimination.

In the article I was reading the story is told all too well: The women who remains nameless in my article, states: Despite being a qualified leadership trainer, and with 40 years of experience across various industries, the 58-year-old couldn’t even get an interview, let alone a job. She goes on further to say what millions experience: “I probably apply for between 40 and 50 jobs a month, everything from admin, to training, to retail and hospitality, but I’m very lucky if I get three responses back,” she said.

The story turns pathetic and shameful as these 58 year old (average CEO from my research) have younger far less quailed people say these things to much more quailed folks: “The recruiter said it was a young company and the oldest person was 35 and did I think I would fit in with that age group?” she said.

A pathetic excuse for saying “More often than not, it’s corporate speak for ‘we think you’re too old’. What makes these organization perform what I can Domestic Terrorism? I’m calling it out for what it is. Don’t they know soon enough they will be sitting in the hot seat??

This; all despite it’s against the law to discriminate against anyone in the workplace because of age in the workplace!

So! What are REAL solutions to wiping out Ageism?

Watch for bias from workers in your workplace

Be smart! Use older workers as mentors, something badly lacking over the past decade

Stop using biases that are not true – that older workers want to retire anytime soon

Ensure your top executives are not promoting any type of Ageism discrimination to protect their own jobs

Train younger employees all the way up to the top executives to stop breaking the country’s laws.

Here’s my take: we are slowly destroying our own American workforce. Dare I say we are imploding! The consequences will be so severe, we will eventually be owned by other countries if this continues for just a short time longer. It is, in my opinion, inevitable – VS

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