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38-minute interview with Multi-Generational Age Discrimination & Wage/Income Inequality Author and Activist Vinay Singh

It’s pretty scary! One out of 5 baby boomers can’t retire. That means 20% of our population will have to work every day until they pass away just to make enough money to pay their cable and put food in the fridge.

Maybe in a few more years that needle will move just 5 basis points to 25%. Will anyone do anything when 1 out of 4 Americans can’t ever retire? Generation X, it’s coming. And the oldest Millennials? – literally right behind!

On this episode of Tip Not Included, Host Eric Levine welcomes back Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Vinay Singh to give us a candid view of the present and future job market.

Email Eric at: eric@tipnotincluded.com & Email Vinay at: vinay@risingmiddleclass.com

The Link to the Amazing podcast studio interview is below:


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