The Tip-Not-Included Show w/ Ageism & Income Inequality Expert Vinay Singh – YOU’LL LOVE THIS – LISTEN FREE!

38-minute interview with Multi-Generational Age Discrimination & Wage/Income Inequality Author and Activist Vinay Singh

Spending Your Golden Years Working At The Golden Arches

It’s a sad but true fact that you may just find yourself at the diaper station at a fast food joint, changing your own diapers in between working the fries station.

At a break-neck pace, Americans are working well into their golden years at menial jobs just to put junk food on the table.

Do you think you can reverse your fortune?

Like that diaper station. Depends.

Will you start educating yourself on stocks and 401K plans? Will you start saving now instead of blowing your paycheck on yeezys at the Fly Club?

On this episode of Tip Not Included, Host Eric Levine is joined in the studio by Vinay Singh, a Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and Author. His book, “Your Future in Pieces – The Brutal Truth: How Ageism And Income Inequality Are Destroying America” is essential reading for understanding the sad truth what ordinary folks are financially facing.

Listen to the episode and understand what you can do now to avoid worrying later where to store your walker in the break room at Wendy’s.

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