The New Dawn in America; YOU Wont Retire – How Companies Can Prepare

In America, the Government allows folks to collect their retirement at age 62 or 65 and you can even defer to a longer date and collect more benefits. But polling shows that most Americans favor collecting at age 62. That says two opposing forces strain Americans as they get into their senior age and they are:

  • Americans are living longer than we did a century ago. Therefore, the Government today penalizes you for taking your benefits at 62 ; for example to collect 100% of your benefits, you will need to be 65 – for now.
  • 2021: The Year Social Security Changes Social Security benefits are changing forever at the end of 2020. Once the calendar rolls over to 2021, you’ll never be able to get as much in benefits. Also, you cannot collect your new maximum benefits until age 66 and they are looking to push that in Congress right now to 70 in a couple more years.
  • The cost of living continues to increase but U.S. wages do not keep up with that cost and has not for the past 40 years for the vast majority of Americans (about 80%) and this will continue to add new Americans, chipping into the next 10% – so you SHOULD PAY ATTENTION – IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN AFFECTED; YOUR NEXT!!!.
  • Ageism – and the LIES & BIASES AND FALSE TRUTHS that come with it are destroying YOUR (or someone you know) ability to get to retirement age; large amounts of Americans are Underemployed or Long Term “checked out” Unemployed due to the BRUTAL Corporate Ageism American Culture.

According to a William Fry’s report, (which focuses on Ireland) in the Workplace Employment Report, “61% of people surveyed believe that they will continue to work beyond the age of 66.” So the good news is that we are all living longer, the bad news is that the majority of people will struggle to live and will not retire. This is the 21st Century. Another statistic cited in the report spotlights between 125K and 126K Americans over age 65 will want or need work by year 2031.  Food for thought: there is a huge amount of people (right now there are approximately 330,000 people in the U.S.) that deal with Age Discrimination (Ageism) and it’s ever increasing, therefore how will companies deal with this, and the government?  Age Discrimination is not an American or Irish problem, it is now affecting many additional countries and many of the statistics are similar.

In America, as with other countries allowing  Ageism to grow, many companies are performing this brutal act even though it is against U.S. federal law. Age Discrimination cases being filed are growing in numbers too – according to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), in 2017 24% of the cases were Age related and last year it was 49%.

Ultimately companies who are strapped for workers and will be so for the foreseeable future must wake up and stop their brutal corporate Ageism bias culture tactics. Companies need employees with solid experience and they covet the need for workforce stability and a low churn rate of employees.  Companies need to come to grips with the truth; performing Age Discrimination is a lose-lose proposition for the American employer – they are only hurting themselves.

What can companies do to turn their Corporate Culture around? Here are some of the suggestions from that report and my newly released book that is titled YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES THE BRUTAL TRUTH: HOW ABOUT AGEISM AND INCOME INEQUALITY IS DESTROYING AMERICA, which has been in the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller List in the highly regarded category Federal Education and Legislation & since week 4;  hitting #14 ending week 6 (10/6/19). You can find it here

From a Recruitment Process Standpoint:

  • Make sure that your recruiting and hiring collateral is not written in a manner that only focuses on one age group
  • Recruiters, HR and Talent Management professional along with the Hiring Managers must go through anti-discrimination training.
  • Companies must have written specific target goals for diversity embedded into their recruitment strategies with hiring targets built in.
  • Use objective – not subjective – assessment criteria when recruiting or promoting and document how candidates scored against this assessment; companies can’t let hiring manager bias run the recruitment process as companies traditionally have in prior decades.
  • Never base a decision to hire, not hire or promote on a candidate’s age as well as gender, ethnicity or any other discrimination-oriented variable.

From An Employee Standpoint:

  • Companies can bring back seasoned and experienced talent that can hit the ground running by creating programs that focus on re-hiring older workers.
  • Adding a corporate process for employees that allows for decreasing work load in conjunction with hours worked as part of a phasing out program that allows workers to see “beyond the horizon” and prepare accordingly for the eventual “let-go”.
  • Add options to the phasing out program with flexible part time hours to keep a strong knowledge management and mentoring pipeline available.
  • As new technology becomes ever more present, Virtual Work options can allow senior folks to still contribute from off-site via VR, and A.I. technologies.

If you have not been paying attention to what your FUTURE is going to look like, the time is NOW because Ageism is coming to your city like a freight train! LEARN MORE NOW @!!!!

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