Millennials move over, there’s a new workforce in town!

There is a new trend in America: Businesses are recruiting senior citizens to fill the positions that were once manned by our nations teenagers.

Huh? The article in business insider (below) cites that Bob Evans and McDonald’s are increasing recruitment efforts at senior centers and places like churches.

It seems that the national labor shortage has produced such a problem that this is now where the untapped pools of talent are coming from for those companies.

Why would senior citizens continue their careers doing jobs that teenagers once dominated you ask?

One very big reason would be that there is a large population of Americans who cannot afford to retire anymore and therefore they must work past retirement age. Why is this you ask? Two major reasons are a lack of retirement savings and the two recent global recessions that crushed millions of retirement savings. That is why most reports cite the American society overall does not have sufficient retirement savings to make ends meet.

That answer not good enough for you? Among the culprits at the root of the problem is national Wage Inequality that has run rampant for a very long time – decades.  Wages today do not keep up with the standards of living for most Americans.

You might be wondering how this can be when every quarter the majority of public companies are reporting billions in revenues. You would be right to think that.

You might ask also be wondering, how can senior citizens pay their bills on teenager pay? You would be right in thinking that too.

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Business Insider article I cited:

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