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I read an interesting article about the employment needs of Southeast Asia and eCommerce talent. From what I read, even Google’s expected talent need forecasts are short of what others are projecting. The article discusses how a bigger talent pool will be required for the eCommerce industry to realize its full potential.

What is interesting is that Southeast Asia are realizing now some things that I’ve come to realize many years ago about our own U.S. hiring culture. 

For example, an article written in the Borneo Post online stated that the company ecommerceIQ conducted a survey and a spokesperson from Facebook Indonesia says “[There are] a lot of great candidates out there. The thing is, sometimes the recruitment process and the interview questions are ridiculous and those are eliminating the great candidates from the recruiter.”

After represented thousands of candidates to companies, I can tell you that “interview question insanity” started in U.S. thing long ago and still remains today.  Have you ever had a friend, a colleague or a family member tell you about a crazy interview they had?  Have you been on one yourself?? 

The article continues about eCommerce and future growth and states: “As such, it is common practice for eCommerce to recruit foreign talent with relevant experience and knowledge.”


This got me thinking since Ageism is “booming” here in the U.S., a viable alternative for American talent who can’t get decent jobs here should look beyond our shores to the overseas market before taking dehumanizing jobs or hanging up the hat.  Indeed, it seems global recruitment is happening everywhere – we often think about global talent as the U.S. attracting talent from the all over the world – I believe it is time the world pulls more American talent to their shores and Americans that cant get decent jobs on shore, look abroad. 

The writer also wrote “The ideal solution is to invest in local talents who are more likely to commit to long-term careers.”

He’s right.  I’ve heard far too many HR professionals over the past decade say their youth strategy is because “We’re hiring young so they’ll be with us long term.” That’s just a false bias we all know isn’t true, in fact the data states younger professionals like to move around so they can experience new environments. If companies want to strengthen their workforce from multiple angles including retention and costs they should include the hiring of more experienced older talent that prefer to stay longer term, which is statistically proven.

So here’s my take:  U.S. companies are or will be at a point where they are going to realize engaging in the destructive practice of “interview insanity” or Ageism is going to backfire on them. See, not hiring different generations of talent doesn’t allow your younger talent to be mentored.  It doesn’t allow for people to learn from tried and true experienced professionals.  It doesn’t allow your company to see the big picture and keep stability within your organization, and having an only young workforce will keep your creativity and big picture abilities down as your company only sees things through a subset of people.  And lastly, if a company does practice this, they are purposely engaged breaking U.S. federal law – and participating in the demise of the American workforce – and the American Dream.

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