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A Leadership Coach Approach

What does 20 years of Human Capital DEI corporate and professional consulting and advisory, combined with an equal amount of time at multiple universities doing R&D look like?
It looks like human-centric theory development, leadership, and lots of DEI successes. It’s your turn for supercharged employee engagement and productivity solutions in your personal coach. This is not just a new decade, it’s a new era with equality and equity priorities driven by global needs and demand. This is the resurgence of the Universal Dream: Shared prosperity.

Reading and hearing about solutions that worked somewhere else? That’s real easy! Design, development, and execution of custom organizational DEIB development that fits your companies mission, vision and agenda & gaining the expertise to operationalize your agenda across business unit’s and functions? That is not easy and most corporate leaders are not prepared.
That’s why you are here now.

Executive White Glove Approach meets Decades of Successful Hands-On Execution


Comprehensive DEI analysis to help understand where you are today.


Design and develop evidence-based DEI strategies and other efforts.


Support your implementation at every level of DEI strategy.


Master Class-Styled Webinars & Workshops (In-person and virtual).


Phone, video and on-site advisory for all emergent needs and general DEI thought leader expert partnership.


The brand-new foundational DEI Human Capital Meta Trend theory in a 1-on-1 workshop – not a cookie cutter video where you cannot ask questions.


This is not your “mass marketed video coaching” pushed out to leave you hanging wondering what it all means, how to matters and what you do with it.

Advanced DEIB – Connecting All People Strategy – Leadership & Coaching with You

Current Issues

Learning how to tap into employee engagement is not easy. Did you know for the past 20 years, employee engagement has never been higher than 38%? So, you are not alone, many leaders cannot move the needle. But actively combining inputs from multiple domestic and global missions, cultivating what may seem unrelated but actually highly impact and correlate with each other is what I do. World issues matter like never before and real time content is flying around the world at the hyper speed of business. It’s time to see issues as opportunities and react so you can create thoughtful and creative new insights into organizational development and shine like a brilliant leader.

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Intersectionality Development

Modern intersectionality theories that considers all generations, genders and ethnicities and how their treatment has affected opportunities, and outcomes and what it means for your organization. DEI efforts must intersect and address social inequities for employee productivity and prosperity to flourish

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Intentional, Brave Professional Leadership

Old school transactional and fear-based leadership styles have been mainstream, but they are rapidly being pushed out of the best places to work. Consideration and caring easy to say, not easy to develop as the leadership level, but I’ll be educating and coaching you in cutting edge social, emotional and cultural intelligence in Master-class style. You’re going to move up and reach new heights.

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Multi Gen Inclusive Workability

Discover Multi-Generational commonalities and opportunities that have not been tapped by your organization but await your new business initiatives. This begins with evidence-based R&D and end with your ability to increase profits and decrease costs, and make you agenda shine.

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R&D Frameworks

The best academic based frameworks and models, new era best practices and tried-and-true principles used so you can learn how they affect the treatment, opportunities, and outcomes of employees you lead now or want to lead as you reach your aspirational goals.

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Data Insights Developed

Find the roots cause of bias, inequities and other cultural challenges and develop the data-informed winning business case to DEI efforts.

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