Americans: If Nothing Changes, This Is Headed Right To Your Town!

I recently read a very sad but true (yes, it’s a Metallica song too) about the current state of America. The statistic’s are alarming: Recent census data show that about 13% of Americans live in poverty but that almost a third live in poverty or near poverty and almost half the population is low income. And in some parts of the country, like California its higher – 20%

America is supposed to be the land of opportunity – a place where if you work hard you will be rewarded. In the 21st century, not so much anymore. For these families living in poverty or near poverty will they see their children rise to the middle class or higher on the economic ladder? Chances are excellent that won’t happen. The children of say, recent immigrants and other low income groups of Americans, many of which are not minorities and are indeed caucasian Americans WILL NOT be able to attain a good education that will allow them to move into better paying careers. The American Dream seems to be getting farther and farther out of reach..

This is the uncomfortable and terrifying reality that a lot of Americans simply NOT waking up to, the American Dream is in demise: Unfortunately, US Census data and other studies show this popular idea of equal opportunity for all is a myth.

The article continues with some global statistics and facts such as: Among most developed countries, the US has the lowest relative social mobility, which is lower than the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. Studies also show that this rate of social mobility has been stagnant and even falling since 1980. Did you know this? If I didn’t read this first and know it was coming from a credible source, and someone told me this at a Happy Hour, I’d assume they were simply drunk!

So what are some of the key factors that would explain why there is such a startling lack of upward mobility? You can find out a lot of ground breaking awareness in the book YOUR FUTURE IN PIECES which explains much of what is going on in America – and has been since WWII:

I will not lie, it’s important to recognize that the many answers and truths are quite complicated – but we are going to have to face the true reality and that most of this is mad made and relatively recent. So, it’s your heads of companies and your elected public officials who’ve created this.

One final statistic for you to contemplate, is that in the US, which is more the size of the European Union than the individual countries within it, some regions of the country, such as Seattle, San Jose (Silicon Valley), and Denver, have social mobility comparable to Denmark, while others, such as Atlanta and Milwaukee, are lower than any other developed country.

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#06 Ageism in the Workplace;  #07 in Federal Education and Legislation; #10 Labor & Employment Law; #10 Business Health & Stress and #26 in Social Policy.

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