For Today’s Modern Women, Age Discrimination is Even More Brutal

Want to know what Americans are experiencing today for having gained solid experience, ability to contribute as a leader, mentor and be a strong performer? Sad Age Discrimination (Ageism).

I read a SHRM article that backs up my Ageism platform, by stating “Age discrimination in employment is rampant, according to women interviewed by SHRM Online, as well as those who shared discrimination experiences in a LinkedIn discussion among professional women.”

Ellen—who asked that her last name not be used—said that when she was in her late 40s, she lost her job as a hospital department manager after a merger. She found that job hunting was noticeably harder than it had been when she was younger. 

“I wrote it off as, ‘Oh, I’m looking for higher-level jobs, and so they’re harder to find,’ ” she said. 

But then she encountered something that suggested her age might be a factor: Phone calls with hiring managers would go well, but when she filled out the requisite online applications, which invariably asked for a birth date or high school or college graduation date, she never heard back. 

“My phone just wasn’t ringing,” said Ellen, who now works part time selling wine at an upscale supermarket, making $10 an hour. “I’ve had 17-plus interviews. No offers. I’m struggling.”

Has anyone seen this Time Magazine cover? You may not be a teacher, but this is the same thing that happens to anyone kicked out of their industry due to Ageism and has to find work at a much lower level job.

Food For Thought: 

*If you are younger right now, how do you feel that in our modern time it will be so hard for you to get to retirement? 

*If you are in your 40’s how does it feel that our society has implemented a massive cultural bias to wreck your ability to get to your golden years – starting when you’ve just got to middle age?

*If you are getting close to age 50, how does it feel that chances are excellent one or more of the people you know now will be discriminated against for, get this, having gaining good knowledge and experience? 

*If you are in your 60’s how does it feel that chances are today, it’s almost guaranteed for the majority of Americans, will not retire and live out your golden years relaxing but instead continue to work till you’re too old you simply cant. That’s also when the real real painful reality kicks in. You may not be able to afford to live.

These are real examples of what waits for educated American folks today, starting at ages in their 40’s – yep, you read it right, I’m not talking just senior citizens. Don’t believe me because it’s not your personal experience? I research and poll across the nation and the globe. Want proof? Read my article from November 28th on my website blog.

*If you are in America, are you doing anything or saying anything? 

*Or, are you: “Don’t care..” “Not My Problem.. I’m Good..” Better think again because the runaway freight train of Ageism is headed straight to your city.

Start caring About Your Future NOW because the future of America will look very different in a few years:

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