2019; Will HR & TA be given center stage, or same old back seat?

2019 has come and with it is a lot with change.  But will we see real change or just lipstick on a pig? Will we see employees taking on more responsibility without any of the rewards for production? An article in SIA noted 8 workplace trends and I give my take on 4 of them:

Constant digital disruption will become the norm. Keeping up with technology can be daunting, but employees today expect a high level of digital sophistication. Employers must address this through digital relevancy (having the right tools and technologies), digital orientation (helping employees manage their use of and expectations around always-on technologies) and digital leadership (to help the company adopt and adapt to emerging technologies).

RMC: that sounds good for a “new year” article, but digital sophistication, relevancy and orientation have been top of mind lots for lots of corporate folks for several years. Question is, will companies budget for these by investing in their people, or will budgets be strapped for cash? Since companies have been given billions in new tax reform, will they make employee learning a top priority it or expect employees to learn on their own and lay off folks that can’t keep up?

Employers will need to hire for potential and reward retention. When job requisitions stay open too long, employers are forced to spend more time and money on recruitment, while overburdened teams become less effective. Employers must think differently about what makes for a quality candidate, focusing more on “must-have” than “nice-to-have” attributes. From there, employers will also have to get creative to improve and incentivize long-term retention.

RMC: I’ve been in the recruitment business a long time. The above is nothing new, it’s the same issues that companies faced last year and last decade. Except in this past year, 2018, America faced for the first time, more job openings than people available being that unemployment is at record lows. Teams are overburdened and job requisitions are open so long when management makes detrimental decisions – or cant make them because they don’t know what they want. I’ve seen it time and time again. The above states that “Employers must think differently” – yeah that’s right. We’ve allowed bias and discrimination to sit in the process of decision making. There are a ton of capable people in this country being ignored – employers must stop bias and discrimination practices that are, by the way, illegal under Federal law. Age Discrimination is against U.S. law. Want to start hiring strong talent and potential? Start hiring experienced American talent that has had a track record of working hard and performing. Simply put, leadership in many companies practice short-sighted goals and decision making to the detriment of their companies while sacrificing their staff and the overall well being of the country.


Diversity and inclusion will take center stage. Businesses must focus on diversity and inclusion to entice a broader talent pool. After all, bringing together wide-ranging perspectives is a key ingredient in innovation and can help drive better business decision-making. Diversity and inclusion is a prerogative that will require buy-in from everyone, including senior leadership.

RMC: If you spend time on LinkedIn chances are you know that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is critical – and it has been for many years. Again, will companies say it and put it on their website, yet ignore it and kick this can down the road? Here’s the deal, D&I is truly more critical than ever, especially when we as a nation are more focused on internal hiring and promotion and bringing fewer resources in from overseas. Promotion, reskilling and reeducating of our own national workforce is in my opinion positive. American capability to think and create strategically on the global stage is critical and should be a national priority.

Company culture will influence the quality of job applicants. A positive workplace culture is a big draw for candidates evaluating different job opportunities, which is why it’s so important for companies to share external messaging that accurately and authentically captures their work environment. While communicating the positive things that current employees have to say about working for your company can be a huge draw for potential candidates, the key is to do it in a way that feels authentic.

RMC: I agree with the statements above, but we’ll see if Talent Acquisition gets its fair share in the spotlight and more importantly at the executive table. Companies say people are the most important asset, but then Human Resources (HR) and Talent Acquisition (TA) get little budget to work with. Talent Attraction is critical and more so today. Guess what, it’ll be even more tomorrow! Let’s get to work on things that matter to candidates and employees – we can start by our actions, because they speak louder than words. Diversity, Inclusion, Fair Pay, Better Benefits, Creative Thinking.

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The article I cited: https://bit.ly/2IkoHFc

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